演出时间:2018年6月8日 19:30


CHAITI —A Night of Indian Music And Dance



演出时间Time & Date︱2018年6月8日   19:30

演出票价Ticket Price ︱380/280/180/120/80

演出地点Venue︱苏州文化艺术中心演艺厅 SCAC Performance Hall





Duration: approximately 120 minutes, including a 15-minute intermission.

6岁以上人士观看。Suggested age: 6 and above





    Chaiti 2018,将由世界著名西塔琴的艺术家 SHUJAAT KHAN携手两位Tabla演奏家Amit choubey和Bivakar Choudhury为大家呈现精的印度传统音乐。他们都是在印度受到高度评价、并被全球公认的顶级大师,他们在各自的领域都受到来自各大洲音乐爱好者的赞誉。今年,chaiti也将继续在舞台上呈现由印度艺术家 VYJYANTHI KASHI 和 PRATEEKSHA KASHI带来的印度古典舞蹈Kuchipuddi(库契普迪)。与众不同的是,今年还将有另一位在中国的传播Kuchipuddi并在印度和中国广受尊敬的舞蹈家王璐璐女士与两位印度艺术家同台。

    在艺术节的第六年,Chaiti从印度请来了最好的音乐家,这将是印度古典音乐和古典舞蹈的又一艺术盛宴。演出将分别在上海(6月2日)和 苏州(6月8日)举行。









A festival of Indian classical music , dance and arts

Presented by : Consulate General of India


Indian music is always in tune with nature and the seasons. The pulse of India throbs in its culture, heritage , philosophy , music and its dance.  It is in this realm of living that India exposes herself, without consciousness.  Its music is part of the society; it has adorned the courts of the kings. But it has never entirely forgotten its spiritual origin and nature. No doubt, music reflects the heart of India. Indian classical music has evolved from the country’s different races, cultures, legends, mythology and ethnicity and has played a key role in defining the South Asian identity. In modern times exponents of this rich classical tradition have experimented with complex and refined art forms to create a world of rhythm ( TAL ) and melody ( RAAGAS ) through vocals and a number of locally developed instruments that are simply unique to India.


There is a melody for every season & one of them is CHAITI. The name CHAITI is derived from the Indian month of CHAITH which is the summer time. CHAITI is a form of Indian semi classical music (instrumental & vocal ) that alludes mostly to springtime transiting to summer.


CHAITI ARTS FESTIVAL is an effort to showcase the rich musical & cultural heritage of India.  Initiated and organized by CHAITI ARTS FOUNDATION , a non for profit organization based in Shanghai


For CHAITI 2018, the world famous Indian Sitar artist  SHUJAAT KHAN will  be the lead artists accompanied by AMIT CHOUBEY &BIVAKAR CHOUDHURY on the Indian percussion instrument TABLA  . These musicians are highly awarded, globally recognized and considered among the top rated maestros of their field from India who have enthralled music enthusiasts across continents. This year CHAITI will also bring on stage Indian Classical Dance , KUCHIPUDDI to the festival which will be performed by VYJYANTHI KASHI AND PRATEEKSHA KASHI. What is extraordinary that the dance ensemble will also feature a Chinese Scholar of this art, Ms Lulu Wang who is widely respected in the art fraternity in India and China.





In its 6th year, the concert brings the best of musicians from India. The festival is an exhibition of Indian Classical Music, Classical Dance and Arts Exhibition. CHAITI ARTS FESTIVAL is an effort to create awareness and deeper understanding of Indian Arts in China through performances, workshops, classes and collaborative projects.


The Foundation believes that Music, Arts and Culture together are soft power that connect people.  


Now more than ever, there is a strong need to support grassroots arts initiatives and projects that will bring our communities closer together.China and India are gold mines of Arts and Culture. It is of the essence that we make efforts to allow a role for arts and culture to play in creating community cohesion & instilling mutual respect. We have witnessed that duration of an orchestral recital or concert an audience becomes united in their mutual appreciation, in their understanding of the story being told, and in their acknowledgement of excellence. That is because music and more broadly, the arts, have the power and ability to stir the senses, bring people together, trigger the emotions and transcend the boundaries of hearts and minds.  Music & dance is harmony; it is a universal public good that knows no boundaries. Chaiti arts Festival celebrates this spirit and the ability of the arts to bring people together over and above geography, culture and language, through the theme ‘Harmony for Humanity'.


‘Harmony for Humanity' is the very essence of what the festival aims to achieve. It is in this spirit that chaiti arts festival will welcome Indian artists of international repute & Chinese experts of Indian arts for its annual festival this year on 2nd June in Shanghai and 8th June in Suzhou .  Above all, our efforts of bringing world-class Indian performers to China aims to showcase the heart warming ability of Indian Classical music and the broader field of Indian arts to bring people together .

We welcome you to join hands with us for spreading and exchanging the goodness of Indian and Chinese culture.